Current works and the future plans

  • Under the Millennium Challenge Program, three irrigation waterways will be constructed.
  • Under the Economic Development Program “Rural Areas”, three village roads totaling some 3.5 kilometers will be paved
  • Using funds provided from the community and the Soc. Media Fund, the water supply network will be repaired.
  • A pipe for drinking water will be placed near Bover-Tegants Pos.
  • A water way will be constructed near Mshkavank-Koghb
  • An 8000 cubic meter reservoir will be constructed for the irrigation waterway for Khlagom-Koghb
  • Increase the number of streetlights
  • Purchase a garbage truck.
  • Repair three of the outbuildings for Kindergarten Number Two
  • A park and recreation area will be constructed
  • The main building of Camp Pyunik will be repaired
  • A parking area for autobuses servicing the village will be constructed
  • A concert hall will be built near the music school
  • The stadium for School Number Two will be repaired and a fence added
  • Symbolic pillars will be placed at the two entrances to the village
  • A day to celebrate Koghb will be instituted
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