Levon Ananyan


Levon Ananyan was born on October 13th, 1946 in Koghb. In 1964, he graduated from high school in Koghb. In 1968, he graduated from the Philological Faculty of Yerevan State University. His graduate work, “The Aesthetic Looks of Garegin Levonyan”, was written in English. He has worked for many newspapers and edited the newspaper “teacher”. In 1975, he joined the editorial board of the monthly newspaper “Garoun” and in 1990 was elected as the chief editor. In 2001, he was elected to the presidency of the Union of Writers of Armenia while working as a lecturer at the Faculty of Journalism at Yerevan State University. Since 2002, he has been the head of the NGO Noyemberyan. In 1992, he founded the publishing house “Apollo” which works to translate world literature from the original language to Armenian. Ananyan’s own works have been translated into several languages including English, Russian, and Georgian. He is a member of three international academies. He is married with three children.

Elya (Elichka) Avagyan


1916-2004 Pedagogue, writer

Elya Avagyan was born in Koghb, in 1916. After elementary school she studied at seven-year school, called ‘’Gyughyerit’’ in Barana, then in the Pedagogical School in Gharakilisa (Vanadzor), and later in Yerevan State Pedagogical Institute. She worked as teacher in Noyemberyan, then in Yerevan. Elya Avagyan’s works were published in different literary newspapers and journals, as well as in the ‘’Yaraj’’, a French newspaper. She was the mother of three children. The collection of poems, titled ‘’Old Recollections”, summarizes the author’s works written at different times, which are mainly lyrical, and are remarkable for emotion and deep feeling of inspiration. The paths of memories take her softly to her childhood, her home, the house of her forefathers, where the author perceives the superfine delicacy of the nature and passes it sincerely to the reader.

Hakob Aghabab (writer for childrens)

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