Cultural Center of Koghb


The director of Cultural Center of Koghb - Sasun Muradyan

The House of Culture in Koghb was started by the village council in 1945. In Koghb cultural life was very active and prominent. In 1976, a new building of culture was built. In 2002, The House of Culture was renamed the Cultural Center of Koghb (CCK) and reorganized. The center employs 14 staff. Many activities are organized by the CCK with more being added every day. A museum of history was established in 1970. The museum has many interesting exhibits visited by many people every year. The CCK has two libraries. The libraries organize poetry and literature events. Dance, embroidery, and macramé events also take place here.


The Cultural Center of Koghb organizes activities for celebrations, holidays and other days important to the community. It could not be done with out the participation of the talented people of Koghb. It has become a tradition to have an evening of homage to the famous people form Koghb. Much is accomplished with the assistance of the authorities in Koghb, but there are still many issues yet to be resolved due to a lack of funds, such as the poor physical condition of the building and the gym, and a lack of seating.


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