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The Memorial







In 1941-1945 750 men from Koghb took part in Great Patriotic War, 276 of them never returned. In the center of the village there is a memorial to the war victims.


Church Mshkavank (Mshakavank) was built on the south of Koghb, 3 km far from the village, on the right side of the river of Kohbaget on the top of a forest hill. The church Mshkavank and the eastern nave are remained. Nobody knows when it was built, but Vardan Areveltsi wrote about an earthquake in 1219 and also mentioned Mshkavank.


Ageghtsi (5-7 century)

Two kilometers to the south-west is lies Agehtsi, where the old village was located. The eastern part of a tripartite church still remains. The church had north and south entrances. The thinness of the walls and the lack of arches indicate that the building was covered in wood.

Central Church of Koghb

St. Astvatsatsin, V Century

Dilapidated sacristy and three gravestones remained. In 1936 the church was destroyed.


Tavaraeghtsi ( Tavaraeghtsi )

Koghb has several medieval monuments. There is a ruined church, Tavaraeghtsi, on the left side of the river is an old manor whose eastern wall still remains. There is a cemetery that surrounds the church. Stone graves were found during road construction.


Sanctuary "St. Nshan" (Bacrel)

It is located on the southern side of the village on a mountain top. It had a wooden roof. Only one khachqar remains.

Old Koghb (patrimony Koghbapor)

At site one kilometer from the new site of Koghb, on the right side of the river, lies the former settlement, a church and an old graveyard.

Mkhitar Vardapet (Chapel)

This chapel lies on the left side of the river, near the gardens. The roof was covered with wood. Several khachqars and ornaments remain.

Church of central cemetery


A 13th century khachqar and a part of wall remain.


St. Arakel (Khechi car)


This rock chapel is located in the north-western side of the village, on a hill top. Some dilapidated walls, an old settlement and several khachqars remain.


Vardi Gyugh

A destroyed chapel, an old settlement and several khachqars remain in the western side of the village.

Barsom, the village site

There is a cemetery and a ruined chapel, which is also called "Barsomi Chgnavor"

Mount of bachelors

This mount is located in the western side of the village. 30 young men fought and won lezgis here, but later on lezgis returned and killed them.

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