Rural Authority in Koghb


The local municipality system was formed in Armenia in 1996. Before that the village was governed by the Village Council. Koghb has had 21 chairmen of Village Council, one of which was a woman (Natasha Tamazyan). In 1996 the first local municipality elections were held in Armenia. This was the first time for the Armenian people to elect their community heads and council members. During the 1996 local municipality elections Artavazd Ashot Yeganyan was elected Koghb village head. He had been Chairman of Village Council before that. In 1999 during the next local municipality elections Aramayis Abovyan was elected Head of the Village. In 2002 he was reelected and held position till 2005. The winner of the next local municipality elections was Arsen Liparit Aghababyan, who was reelected in 2008. Aramayis Abovyan was reelected as village head during the local municipality elections of 23 September, 2012.

Present head of Koghb Aramayis Abovyan

The community has:

  1. Music School
  2. Kindergarten Number 1
  3. Kindergarten Number 2
  4. Cultural Center
  5. Medical ambulance
  6. Zoological part
  7. "Kohbapor" JSC
  8. "Mshkavank" LLC

Koghb contains a total of 1421.16 hectacres. There are 1294 households and the population is 5095.

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