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Koghb community member Karo Ghuledjanyan opened the Koghb Charity Art School (KGD) in 1999. The school opened to offer opportunities to and bring together talented young people, living far from the capital of Yerevan, from the village of Koghb to appreciate art and to enrich their lives through culture. The school teaches drawing, painting, composition, and the history of art. The Koghb Culture Center has donated a room for the art school to use. Every year, young people apply to become students of the school. Students and other local artists can come to the school freely and at their convenience. Several students who have graduated from KGD currently attend universities throughout Armenia, but regularly return to organize and attend art school events. At the art school, there is a comfortable studio for students to practice in, and the teachers work hard to expand and develop the school's programs and students. The school is not limited to painting; they also organize various cultural events for the community, including exhibitions, holiday celebrations, meetings with artists, and symposiums.

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