"Forestry Training Center of Zikatar"



"Forestry Training Center of Zikatar" GNCO was founded in 1998, in the Ministry of Nature Protection, with the status of state JSC. Later, by decision of the RA Government, State JSC SECF  was restructured in the SECF public non-profit organization, for the following purposes:
• Inventory, accounting, and preparation of forest management plans,
• Scientific and experimental forestry research, scientific and business experimentation for conservation and reproduction of the genetic stock of the forest
• Create an information bank of the supplies of timber and information on processing and efficient use
• Create a collection of valuable and rare species, for conservation purposes• Scientific study of the forest
• Practical training for the forestry sector and the organization of training and production practice for students of academic institutions with specialization in forest.
In order to organize work to address the RA # 1587, September 26, 2002, Zikatar was given 150 hectares of forest along with an education center with a forest plot “Zikatar” in the Tavush region, with the rights of permanent use.
As part of the management of natural supplies and reducing poverty, which was financed by the International Bank, was implemented by a subordinate body repair center Forestry Training Center of Zikatar and facilitate the construction of several constructions.
Out of Service "Forestry Training Center of Zikatar":
1. Practical study of the forest sector
2. Organization of training and production practice of students of academic institutions with specialization in forest
3. Scientific study of the forest
4. Organization of conferences and scientific meetings 
Additional services:
5. Inventory and accounting of the forest. Preparation of management plans,
6. Consultation on the rehabilitation, care, management of the conservation of biological species and the development of ecotourism, which will help to increase competition in the private sector and other shareholders in this area
7. Organization of tourist activities on the knowledge of terrain
8. Cultivation of fertile forest and ornamental seedlings.
The following is a brief overview of these services:
1. Practical study of the forest sector: the lessons will be organized to maintain the forest, forest management, pricing of environmental values, forest certification, forest cultivation, forest road construction, forestry, biological species, reproduction, use of forests and other issues. Be submitted to the international experience of forest sector. 
2. Organization of training and production practice of students of academic institutions with forest specialization: students will give an opportunity to use their theoretical knowledge in educational practice, take part in many operations into a variety of woods Zikatar. Geographic location, which is expressed by vertical zonation, from 500 to 1800 meters above sea level, will contribute to studies, realized in the territory of the center, an area of 150 hectares.
3. Scientific study of forest. There will be practical training advisers in the future developing in Armenia, private and community forestry sector.
4. Organization of conferences and scientific meetings: The main purpose of the organization of conferences and scientific meetings, generate new knowledge and exchange of experiences on new methods for effective management and conservation of forests and forestry biofond.
How additional service center does accounting work of the forest, mapping and processing of 10-year flight management plans for forests, forest management units to order and private tenants. Training center provides organized tours to scenic areas for students, particularly for foreign visitors, to ensure that more members are well acquainted with the local forest and rich varieties.
In the list of future services, the cultivation of forest and ornamental plants and prolific sale both public and private sectors. This service will give participants the opportunity to practice learning and obtain information about the seedlings and the establishment of nurseries, especially their care.
To implement above mentioned services, the center is equipped with modern appliances, bedroom, furnished the relevant international standards and by all means for organizing successful study.
the main building of training center, which occupies 400sq.m area, is one of the parts " SECF Administration Building Training Center floor, with the following distribution:
First floor.
- The room provides for 55 participants of ceremonies and educational purposes (with a round table for 25 participants of ceremonies, and separated tables for the 30 study participants)
- Dining
- a laboratory
- two administrative offices
- two bathrooms
Second Floor
-12 Bedrooms (3 single, 9 double rooms with private bath, constant hot water bath)
Training Center owned and 3 wooden houses: each of them has 4 double bedrooms, as well as the forester's hut, which serves as a guard and support staff.
Communications include telephone, fax, and internet. Soon it will work and the official site of the center.
Forestry Training Center Zikatar "while in the boundary of the three border districts of three republics - Noyemberyan (Armenia), Marneuli (Georgia), Kazakh (Azerbaijan) and equipped with modern technology and facilities in the near future may become a regional center for practical training of the forest. 
Welcome To Forest Learning Center Zikatar
Address and phone center
with. Koghb, Tavush region
Tel. (+374 10) 563081, (+374 066) 52772
E-mail: zikatar_center@yahoo.com

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