Sporting events in Koghb have always been important. Since the 1940s, the village has had a strong volleyball team. The village has also fielded strong basketball and football teams. There have been several famous boxers and chess players from Koghb. In more recent years, the martial arts have been expanding. The development of sports is promoted by the schools to encourage physical exercise.

Koghb athletes have shown well in individual sports. Famous athletes from Koghb include Garegin Avagyan, Martik Aghababyan, Yura Yesayan, Gurgen Azatyan, Ararat Pashikyan, Seyran Abovyan, Karapet Simonyan and others.

Koghb athletes have done well in team sports as well. Well known athletes include Aghasi Karakhanyan(volleyball 1940-50), Artavazd Nasibyan(volleyball 1950-60), Ashot Khasikyan(basketball), Levon Kocharyan, Marat Harutyunyan, Rashid and Khachik Avagyans.

Football remains the most popular sport in Koghb. The Koghb team has been strong since the 1950s. From 1980 to 1988, Koghb was the regional champion. The greatest success in the history of the team was the 1987 victory of Koghb (coached by Vanik Harutyunyan) over the Dilijan Impulse. Never before in the history of the republic had a village achieved such success! Eighteen players were promoted to first class for their performance. In 1989, the team won the title of Vice-Champion of Armenia. In 1992, Team Aznavour was founded with Vrezh Abovyan as coach. The team preformed well in the premier league. Famous football athletes include Vrezh Abovyan, Rashid Avagyan, Hayk and Armen Khasikyans, Shirak Sarikyan, and Karen Abovyan.

In 2000, Koghb had its greatest international success when native karateist Misak Pashikyan became a double world champion by winning the cup in Los Angeles, CA, USA. Misak has subsequently won championships in Europe and Asia.
Koghb has had several high performing chess champions. Gagik Khasikyan played in the “Messaging of the USSR” in the first league championship of Armenia in the late 1980s. Kolya Jilavyan, Levon Kocharyan, Vazgen Azatyan, Levon Ghulijanyan, Marina Gharagyozyan, and Gagik Khasikyan are all famous chess players from Koghb.

Youth sports are very active in Koghb. There are now two taekvando clubs in the village (coached by A. Ghazaryan and S. Yeganyan), two football teams from different age groups (coached by A Khasikyan), and a basketball team (coached by S. Abovyan). In 2003, the youth football team (coached by B. Avagian) won second place in the Cup of Hope competition. Zikatar, a football team coached by S. Tiratsvyan, played in the Youth Championship of the Republic of Armenia. The children’s taekvando team from the first school, coached by K. Simonyan, performed well in local district championship and the regional championship.

In Soviet times, the District Sports Committee and Village Sports Committee "Sevan" were led by koghbians Arto Alexanyan, Martik Aghababyan, Seyran Ghulijanyan. Previous village sport instructors have been Sedrak sahakyan, Seyran Abovyan, Vahe Avagyan. Currently Armen Khasikyan, a former football player, fills this position.

The village has several annual memorial competitions; there is a football tournament in memory of V. Aghababyan, the “Spring Koghb” chess tournament in memory of Levon Kocharyan, and an athletic tournament in memory of J. Karakhanyan. There is also an annual junior tournament in checkers.


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