Kolya Nasibyan

Nikolai Nasibyan was born on April 19th, 1920 in Kokhb into the family of a rural carpenter. He studied at Kokhb School No. 1 for 8 years and then 2 years in Tbilisi. After leaving the school in 1937, he studied at Yerevan State Medical Institute. When World War II started, Nasibyan received his diploma ahead of schedule and was sent to the frontline. During the war, he was granted the Red Star Medal for the capture of Qennigsberg and Berlin and for the emancipation of Czechoslovakia. He was also granted Honor of Public Health Service of the USSR. Doctor Nikolay Nasibyan was in Prague when the war ended in 1945 and subsequently returned to his native village after the war. He practiced medicine in the region and advocated sanitary practices. Under his initiative the Tsak-Qar-Gung water pipe was constructed, as well as other municipal improvement works. Doctor Nasibyan created a collective-farm sanatorium and, together with academic A. B. Aleksanyan, built a new rural hospital. After 10 years of working in Kokhb, Nasibyan gained the title of Rural Doctor, the goodwill, and respect of the people not only in the Noemberyan area, but also far outside of the Republic.

Nikolai Nasibyan’s love and fidelity to his profession was partly the reason of his tragic and sudden death. Successfully having prepared a candidate minimum, the doctor readied himself for the defense of his thesis, but before the day of defense he became ill. There was a knock at midnight at his house door several days later from villager from a distant village, Barekamavan (Dostylu), and he was asked to assist with the birth of a child. The night was rainy and when hurrying to reach the woman, the horse stumbled and fall together with the doctor. Despite sever injuries, Doctor Nasibyan reached the woman and assisted with the childbirth. On April 8th, 1955, the doctor died. He was only 35 years old.

He left a cherished memory in human hearts about himself. People from all republics of Soviet Union came for his funeral. People in the village constructed a bridge over the river Kokhb within a night, and the coffin was carried over the village roads. He was buried not far from his house on Gung Hill. Over the grave the doctor a pedestal was constructed and inscribed with the following words: People! Love and respect this noble person, because he reverenced people.

After the death of the doctor, the Kokhb hospital was named after him. Later on, in 1973, the Noyemberyan central Regional Hospital was renamed after Doctor Nikolay Nasibyan. In the court yard of the hospital, there is monument to Doctor Nasibyan constructed by world famous sculptor Fred Sogonyan and co-artists. In the 60s, a 20th century film “There Lived a Man” was made in his honor by Armenfilm starring Armen Djigarkhanyan. There are books about Doctor Nikolay Nasibyan by Vardges Petrosyan, Gevorg Emin, Zori Balajan, Sohomon Garbuzov, and Rafaell Parsadanjan.

Doctor Nikolay Nasibyan’s name will always be bright in memory of the people of Koghb.

Artavazd Sahakyan

Profile - Plastic surgery


Since 1996 - Chief doctor of Yerevan State Medical University Hospital No 1, Head of The Department of Reconstructive Microsurgery and Plastic Surgery, Head of the department of plastic surgery, YSMU. 1992-1996 - Institute of Surgery after Mikaelyan, Head of The Department of Plastic Surgery and Reconstructive Microsurgery, Yerevan, Armenia. Since 1985 - senior plastic surgeon and microsurgeon of the Ministry of Health RA. 1985-1996 - junior scientific collaborator, senior scientific collaborator, Head of The Republican Centre of Microsurgery. 1976-1982 General Surgeon at Hospital 16, Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine.


1989 Certification Doctor of Medicine awarded by the resolution of the Council of Moscow Medical University and the Supreme Certifying Commission of the USSR. Thesis: Foot as a donor site for free flap for hand defect substitution. Postgraduate student, PhD. Moscow, Russia. 1982-1984 Institute of Surgery after Mikaelyan, Department of Microsurgery and Plastic Surgery, resident. 1969-1975 Yerevan State Medical Institute, student, MD.


More than 200 scientific articles and abstracts in various Armenian, Russian and foreign journals. He is credited with many important discoveries.

Personal information

date of birth: 22.02.1953

place of birth: Koghb, Armenia

nationality: Armenian

marital status: married

children: two sons

Tel +374 (10) 563751

Martun Nasibyan

Martun Nasibyan was born in Kirovakan on 22 of March 1943, to the family of a rural doctor. He studied in Kokhb High School No. 1 from 1950-60. In 1961, he entered the Yerevan State Medical Institute and in 1967 he graduated and was sent to Afghanistan as a surgeon. In 1968, by the order of the Minister of Public Health Care of the Armenian SSR, Martun Nasibyan was sent to the Noemberyan Regional Hospital named after N. Nasibyan. From 1968 to 1984 he worked as the leading surgeon of the area, and starting in 1974 he was an acting physician. During 16 years of work in Noemberyan hospital, he performed more than 8000 operations. In 1984, Martun Nasibyan moved to the Masis Regional Hospital as the Chief Physician. Since1994, he has lived in Russia and he is now the Chief of Surgery of the Moscow UAO Ministry Clinic No. 54. He was awarded an Honor Certificate by the Armenian Government.

Ararat Sahakyan

Candidate of Medical Sciences, proctologist, born on July 12, 1951 in Koghb. 1958-1968 - studied and graduated from secondary school No. 1 of Koghb, 1969-1975 studied at YMU on the specialty "medical work" specialization "Surgery". 1976-1978 - served in the army of the USSR, as a physician-surgeon. 1978-1982 - Worked in Noyemberyan CRH, as a general surgeon. From 1982 until today as a surgeon, proctologist in the Research Center of Proctology (Surb Nerses Mets). In 1993 he defended his candidate work. Many times studied in the outstanding center of proctology, in Yerevan, as well as in foreign countries. Author of numerous scientific articles that have appeared in Armenian and foreign journals. He is currently assistant chair proctology YMU. He is married and has two children.

Susanna Sahakyan

Susanna Sahakyan was born on August 16th, 1947. She studied at the local high school and graduated with excellent grades. She then studied at Yerevan State Medical Institute as a cardiologist-internist. Since her graduation in 1971, she has worked in Noyemberyan. On May 28, 2009 she was awarded the Order of the Mkhitar Heratsi by the president.

Lusya Diloyan

Lusya Diloyan worked in Koghb 43 years /1932-2000 /, and received the title of honored doctor.

Anna Barseghyan (Tikin Anna)

Returned to her homeland, lived and worked in Koghb, as an obstetrician.

Emma Vahramyan

Gynecologist, Doctor, professor of medical sciences, lived and worked in Moscow) - 1912 - 1992.

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