Musical School


The Music School was founded in 1993 with the help of the local authorities in Koghb and Founder/Director Sergey Harutyunyan using the model set by the Noyemberyan Music School. The current headmaster is Tigran Harutyunyan.

The school had branches in Berdavan and Bagratashen with about 150 students. There are currently 76 students studying piano, clarinet, canon and pipe music from 12 teachers. For some time there was no connection with the Ministry of Culture, but the school now collaborates with the Rep. Method Center to conduct various seminars, workshops, and lessons in conjunction with the regional center in Dilijan. Students have shown well in various activities.

In 2008, the school choir, under the direction of Emilia Chilingaryan, participated in the third national contest The Singing Armenia and was awarded a Commendable Diploma. Every year, the school holds several performances culminating in a concert where the best students from each department perform. Luara Malkhasyan form the piano department participated in an international concert in Gyumri. Sergey Harutyunyan (pipe) and Ani Baghinyan (piano) were awarded diplomas.

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